Buy Prescription Sunglasses In Columbia, South Carolina

Often people who wear glasses find themselves wishing they had a pair of prescription sunglasses that can be worn during those sunny days. Sometimes they use those clip-on solutions that attach to their regular glasses; however, this can be an unwieldy and often, unattractive solution.

Additionally, contact lens wearers may want to wear prescription sunglasses and find them more practical in some situations. For instance, wearing contact lenses at the beach can result in the eyes become watery or itchy due to the sun, wind, water, and sand. In these situations, prescription sunglasses would be a great alternative.

When choosing prescription sunglasses, you have different choices. These glasses are available in nearly any prescription including progressive and bifocal. These prescription sunglasses are a great way to easily read while at the beach or the pool. Prescription sunglasses can assist if you only need reading glasses when wearing contacts.

As with regular prescription glasses, sunglasses come in the same styles as regular sunglasses. You can find prescription sunglasses from all the same designer and celebrity eyeglass frame options.

You will find that prescription sunglasses come in all lens materials including glass, plastic, polycarbonate, and high index. There are a few frames that may not be suitable including wrap-around frames, as the curvature of the frame can distort the prescription.

We offer prescription sunglasses that can be polarized or tinted a solid or gradient color. We also offer transition or photochromatic tints. Also known as transition lenses, these glasses darken in bright lights, and then return to a clear state in darker environments. This type of lens is a great option for those people who do not want to carry two different pairs of glasses. As with non-prescription sunglasses, the primary concern is UV protection. You want lenses that block 100% of these harmful rays.

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