Eye Injuries

Eye Injury Care In Columbia, SC

Eye injury occurs anytime there is chemical or mechanical damage to your eye.
These injuries may be the result of a blow, such as those that occur during sports, of a foreign object or chemical that causes irritation.

Common forms of eye injuries include:

  • Chemical burn, caused by basic or acidic chemicals such as a household cleaning spray
  • Corneal abrasion, when your cornea is scratched
  • Foreign objects, some of which may penetrate or pierce your eye
  • Swelling, sometimes caused by a blow to the eye
  • Blunt force to the eye

Treatments vary depending on the type and degree of injury, and may include irrigation, medications, foreign body removal or surgical repair.

If you’ve damaged your eye, contact your Eye Care Provider as soon as possible. If your eye is significantly damaged, you may need to seek emergency medical attention. The sooner you see a doctor, the better your chances of preserving your sight.

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