Eye Glasses

Get Fitted For Eye Glasses in Columbia, South Carolina

Properly fitting glasses are important to your comfort and safety. Our team will assist you in understanding and finding the right fit for your glasses, and this section will help you understand the process of glasses fitting.

The style of the glasses you choose can help you look your best. But the fit of your glasses is just as important. Glasses that don’t fit properly can look out of place and detract from a professional appearance. Glasses with a poor fit can be uncomfortable: they can press uncomfortably against your ears, slide down your nose, and fall off or pinch the bridge of your nose.

When your glasses feel uncomfortable, you may not wear them as often as you should. And if you’re not wearing your glasses as prescribed, you’re putting your vision – and possibly your safety and the safety of those around you – at risk.
If your glasses don’t fit as they should, they may not be correcting your vision properly.

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